Isla Aukate
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  1. The main setting takes place on an Island Chain known as the Calendar Islands. with the bulk of the RP taking place on Isla Aukate. A large island within that chain. It has a large central extinct volcano inside a wider but shorter crater. 

  2. If you play an anthropomorphic animal of any kind, this also includes:
                       Quadrupedal but sentient animals
                       Otherwise classified as mythical critters. Cerberus, Unicorns, dragons etc.
    You are a native of the Islands. The exceptions to these rule are rare and need to be approved by me. I will not allow deviations from this for first time characters.

  3. Magic is not permitted to be used by Player characters. There are two NPCS that use it but their presence is minimal at best. This is not up for debate.

  4. Islands:
    The Calendar Islands are arranged into four groups of three, each characterized by the season that group most closely resembles. Each island has a city on it, in addition to the villages or towns spread throughout. The only island lacking a major city is Titema, the December Island, due to the social climate there.

    The Winter Islands:

    Titema (December): Run by a paranoid conspiracy theorist Polar Bear, the entire island caters to those who like to "rough it." Similar to Alaska in climate and people, those that live here are largely Luddites and the extent of their technology is electric space heaters and light bulbs. The entire island is radio silent to allow for it's leader to monitor radar without any "interference." It has a healthy population of "wild meat" in the form of non-sentient deer, moose and fish. 
    Tiànuare (January): A blustery winter island known for it's nearly year-round snow. It has high bluffs that reach into higher altitudes and allows for snow in the otherwise tropical island chain. 
    Pèperuare (February) : A bit more seasonably cooler island, it has high and low valleys but still largely consists of high-altitudes allowing it to gather snow 8 months of the year. 

    The Spring Islands:
    Home to one of the most pleasant climates in the Calendar Islands, The Spring Islands are near-fully seasonal with a "wet" winter that brings a light snow to their highest peaks around December and January.

    Màti (March)
    Àperirà (April)
    Mè (May)

    The Summer Islands:
    The islands with the most climate diversity are the summer Islands. Ranging from desert and near-desert conditions in Tiurai to balmy and tropical in Tiùnu and Aukate, which hosts some of the islands most beautiful jungles and rainforests. 

    Tiùnu (June)
    Tiurai (July)
    Aukate (August)

    The Autumn Islands:

    Tepetema (September)
    'Okotopa (October)
    Noema (November)
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