Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Hurricane 70
[Image: 1930.png]
Chirrs. The perfect defense against raging Zombie Pete.

Plus I love CJ casually doing her nails lol
Don't mind the vicious attack squirrel, they are still upset about the ball thing not working out.

Thought nice touches on the red panda there. It's easy to miss the stripes, but they are uniquely id'able with a glance.

As for pete, he gets some paid leave, and some really good relaxants. His lady friend, some good extra pray. Wins all around.
Bruh......Zombie very.......relaxed *plap*
Here's a thought... What about a Zombie Chirr? ...Just as a discussion point, you understand. Big Grin
The biggest must be Clog.

Clog, in Chirr language, “Pete... PROTECT!”
A thoroughly chirr-bombed dog! XD Does the assailant in the middle panel have extra fangs?
@stratovarian that’s not a squirrel, it’s frozen bear, note the teeth.

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