Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Hurricane 104
[Image: 1964.png]
He made the cat angry...You do NOT want to make the cat angry!
Kiss your other eye goodbye, bubbeleh.

Eyes aren't skin. Also, there's a General and a Silver still out there, so Titan is getting a bit arrogant here.

Well, more arrogant than usual.
Titan's problem is common when fighting and not used to how the fight is going. He's tunnel-visioned in on how HE thinks the fight is going. Artemis' face tells me Titan has absolutely no idea how pissed-off he has made da kitteh. She'll rip his good eye out by going through the bad one's socket!
Do not threaten the tail, not only will that further anger Artemis, it's sure to set Silver off and show Titan how wrong he is in thinking Silver weak!

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