Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Agent 7
[Image: 2067.png]
He likes a Fez.. cuz Fez's are cool!
What about my glasses Tungsten! That's it, you are only get half of the chocolate I was going to give you!
I'd hate to see what Tungsten looks like when he loses his cool... Something tells me he's just putting up with all this because he has some sense of honor... I wouldn't test a man's sense of honor and longsuffering...
@Tundrawolf Honor, Promises to Darius... also like he said. Prisoners of the Overlord are fed better, likely treated better too. :>
Yez, nize hat! Poor Tung, he's so tired of all this. XD
Fezzes are cool! Niw if only he had a bow tie...

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