Isla Aukate
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HMS Dressel
"Here Here Shard! Yes the best is yet to come"

Archeus then turned and gave a grin to Garran. "OH Mr White the surprises aren't over just yet." She mused. "And it is I who is truly thankful to have such talent as yourself here. You and the rest of the guys saved my keester on more than one occasion."

As the crew enjoyed their meal and some time had progressed Archeus checked her pocket watch and took a small sip of her tea.
With a wiley grin she wiped her whiskers clean  with her paw. She cleared her throat.... "Urrrhuuu"

"Guys! I hope no one is afraid of heights!?" She reached in her coat for the palm pilot. Again her grin widened. With the push of a button or two the entire floor seemed to retract from beneath the tables and chairs.

"You see I installed clear aluminum above the blast doors. We're perfectly safe I assure you." 

The crew seated in their chairs could now view the entire Citadel below their paws as the ship circled in (Parade mode)

Archeus Chuckled watching the looks on their faces as they beheld the sights.
"Wow...this is awesome" Shard said taking in the view. He could see minions on guard duty patrolling the walls. Some of them seemed to be looking up in amazement as she ship flew over them. He also saw them being quickly being slapped round the back of their heads for becoming distracted by something new ans shiny.

Of course it wasn't long after this that Renfield actually looked away from the metal shavings he's been enjoying and saw just how high up they were and promptly clambered up Shard and huddled himself in between the Arctic Fox's ears, shaking like a leaf.
After hearing Garran's toast and after looking down through the clear aluminum floor, Razzle picked up his glass and offered a toast.
"A second toast to our commander and to the crew! May all of our journeys be safe and successful!"
Mark hadn't batted an eye when the floor opened. He'd read that design spec as he was familiarizing himself with the ship. The height didn't bother him, as he been flying hang gliders around the heights of the peaks of Peeperaure' since he was old enough to read how to build one. He smiled at the round of toasts, and recalling an old Danish tradition he'd read, began a round.

"To Her Majesty Overlord Fox! Long may she reign!"

(The next would be to Her Majesty's consort, General Steele, and then to the Princess Rain, and then so on through the power structure. If you're toasting with alcohol, you will be quite toasted by the end of the toasts.)
All Hail the Overlord!
(05-14-2019, 08:21 PM)Tigermark Wrote: "To Her Majesty Overlord Fox! Long may she reign!"

The next would be to Her Majesty's consort, General Steele, and then to the Princess Rain.

Well said.
It would be a honor to show them the work we've put so much effort in.
I'd be over joyed to give Bane a tour. I sent invitations out some time ago.

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