Isla Aukate
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Common Grounds
Sunny, Idyllic. 

Clean cut grass, trimmed hedges. 

A distant open air garden near the side. Herbs and a vibrant plants growing in the tropical climate. Further back still, a faint sound of a turbine to a small nondescript pairing of plexiglass buildings. 

Small sunning pools run around the perimeter, glazed covering shining under sun and offering a nice warmth to many little critters enjoying the waters. 

Well cut bushes break the ungraded rolling grassland and seem to offer rings of protection to the tree's, some fruiting, some giants of shade.  

A small cart, tools loaded, and stocked with new plants is sitting next to a now excavated patch of earth.

Maluhia stopped, wiping some dust and dirt from things with a happy smile.  

"He lā nani loa." (It is a beautiful day.) His words spoken aloud, before he paused to enjoy his lunch on the grass.
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