Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Guarddog 1
[Image: 2111.png]
Bunny slippers!!! LOL
He is not even an afternoon person, let alone morning.
Hmm. I sometimes ooze out of bed in the morning, but I think Hector forgot that he usually boozes out of bed instead.

What? Why are you buying boxes of tomatoes? And why are you handing me a shirt with a target on it?
For some reason, this reminds me of a meme I saw a long time ago of Spock, Kirk, and Decker (ST:TPM) where Spock says "I'm tired of being logical; bring me my tap shoes, a vat of whipped cream, and three live weasels...."
...Now I kinda wanna see Hector get Bun-E-ray'd, that would be one grumpy bunny! XD
Hector needs a coffee and whiskey (or would that be whiskey with coffee, given the ratio?) to wake up!

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