Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Guarddog 8
[Image: 2118.png]
Fluffykins Onerod.
He's properly going for the puppy eyes. Good points, and the apology too.

Though that was quick for booze, or he's got some right at the front door.
Van Gogh! Cause he only's ok, I'll see myself out...
Hey Pete, did you hear about the traveling dancing group of one-eared women that went from nightclub to nightclub in a vehicle with a sliding door that has a copy of Starry Night painted on it?

They called themselves the Traveling Van of Van Gogh Go-go Dancers!

Silliness and bad jokes aside, I like Hector's sneer/snarl and those puppy-dolphoria eyes!
Stratovarian: I'm pretty sure Hector has booze strategically stored around the house in case of booze emergencies. And the Lair. And ALL the Callendar islands. And several cities in the United States. And in that part of Capone's vault that they missed.

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