Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - War 25
[Image: 2145.png]
Cool your Jets, Watering the Lillys, Have a Drink on me!, Thirsty?, Looking like you need some Hydration! Just a few examples
...There may never be a more appropriate time to chant "Chug chug chug chug!".
Water jokes? As quit horsing around.
I'm reminded of something XD
Running around with all those heavy weapons is bound to be hot work, have a free shower, courtesy of the Lair!
Looks like the attack was a bit of a WASH. The demons had a SMOLDERING start with the peace talks, but things seem to have FLARED UP. Seems they suffered quite the BURN-OUT. What's my view on fire magic? Well, I could say I'm a bit TORN on it. At least I was, but now I'll probably just give it a WAVE.

I could literally keep going forever.
You’re all wet! You’re all washed up! Your attack is sunk! You’re in hot water now!

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