Isla Aukate
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Join the discord community!
It's been awhile since I posted a notice here, figured it can't hurt.

Just a reminder that we have a subscriber exclusive Discord available.

By contributing just $1 a month over patreon you can get access to our lovely Discord Community were we offer more opportunties for Cameos within the sketch and color comic, Cameos for animatics etc.

For $5 you can read ahead by 120 pages (as of this posting) effectively reading to the end of Season 5. AND also get access to the "backstage" discord channel where my co-writer Gen tends to hang out and talk.

There's other fun perks if you want to get in on that, Higher teirs gains you access to channels were we openly discuss future plotlines, what we have planned for the comic and other things we don't tend to discuss in the general public.

Check it out! :

The community is fairly active and thriving and we have several channels at the $1 teir where you can chat and interact with other fans of the comic. We even have a pokemon channel for people who are fans of the franchise/ want to share thier latest catches.

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