Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Retribution 3
[Image: 2173.png]
So long as the berserker takes orders, they are a useful ally!
Besides, Al has a focus/mission to hold him together, much like Darius.
But is Aileeron still the same person he was back then?

Time can change the nature of a man, and he's had more than just time since then...
That is a pursed lining of the lips. And the look is very quietly stoic, not aggressive.

Small notes, and darius trusts him, for reasons we know. Darius knows how to read folks well.
Music is the language that we all share. Dance well to your own inner tune.
There is a lot of things pent up in Al. It would not be a good thing to be the target when all that is released.
All Hail the Overlord!
Kinda looks like Al is using this mission to keep himself together.
Al looks like a spring- wound up so tight, that the slightest thing will set him off.
“Plus, he’s, you know, a giant friggin’ Lion.”

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