Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Retribution 16
[Image: 2186.png]
No kill the nasty demon.
is there a face in that gemstone, or are my eyes playing tricks on me...
I believe Fox has stated yes, there is a face in there. Apparently elemental stones go from owner to owner by defeat.

Hmmmm. Go for it, Darius, it matches your eyes. Also, good on Artemis. No need to end a monster by becoming a worse one.
Firelord Darius, that would be wild, and possibly fun!
Yeah, no need to kill him, Silver can interrogate him and then he can be handed over to Harvey!
That look of "I'm... not dead yet?" on Hartford's face.

And that little "click" of that collar/necklace...

Also, I think that Hartford is going to have a long stay in one of The Lair's deeper dungeon cells.
The elementals have a particularly powerful being bound to a core stone. The major one is the closest link to that, and enables them to channel more of the ability within.

As for artemis, she has her reasons as he does to end this. We may see why if we are lucky.
(04-17-2019, 04:41 AM)Kadaire Wrote: is there a face in that gemstone, or are my eyes playing tricks on me...

Good eye!
Thank goodness for a cool head. Emotional pain nearly caused the General to violate the Overload’s non-lethal policies.
I think that ship sailed on this event, Muddy, although it can be said all the demon deer deaths were in self defense, sortof.

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