Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Retribution 33
[Image: 2203.png]
Apex' Thoughts: "I'm going to bite somebody for this. I am SO going to bite somebody for this."

Part of him is impressed that they had the foresight to counter his bulk and strength for once, given how easily he cut a path through the guards earlier...

But most of him is plotting who to bite for this.

EDIT: Also... Apex would have arched his neck back and tried chomping the bars himself, but he noticed that someone else was already trying that option for escape.
They didn't have a big enough cage for Apex LMAO
That has got to be painful for Apex, after a time; laying your entire bulk on your ribcage.
Ahahahah Xd
Muddypaws: They don't really care about the comfort of a "Pred Sympathizer"... especially not after the swath he stomped through the guards on the way in.

Shard Loren: Actually the opposite. If they put Apex in a cage big enough for him, there's a high risk that he'd be strong enough to break the cage bars by either kicking them, or by throwing his full ton of weight against them.

But this way? He can't get any leverage or momentum going to potentially break the cage.

Also... yes. Either way, it's still hilarious. ;D
*sees panel 1* ROFL
Apex doesn't like hanging out in such a place for long.
(05-05-2019, 06:01 AM)WolfenMech Wrote: Apex doesn't like hanging out in such a place for long.


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