Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Retribution 37
[Image: 2207.png]
*gasp* She knows Artemis's real name...well as real a name Three is for her.

It's her...I totally can't remember her name. The shapeshifter that Uru made immortal.
Pahili. Immortal without agelessness, but also granted impressive shapeshifting for her loyalty to Uru.
Pahili. To entangle, to confuse, or deceive.

Shapeshifters love to fall under such auspices and easily can.
Great Pagihi.., be a name dropper. Now nobody will call her Artemis anymore.
Apex is already on his way to calling Artemis "Lucky", because he heard rumors that she let's everybody choose their own name for her, and because he believes that there's very little luck involved in everything Artemis does (barring the luck of having good friends and family).

Another consideration is that the half-dozen people who heard are General Steele's a subordinates, and could be ordered to stop that if they start trying to call her Three.

But that is if everybody that's there completely ignores that Artemis both recoiled in shock at the name being used, and also has been going by Artemis for several years.
Is that cage ringing, Artemis? Because I *^&%^%ing CALLED IT! (publicly) Right after the holy water bomb failed. I had my suspicions a bit before that, but not much.
I love the madness of Pahili's eyes in that mid-shift face, she's as dotty as Uru! (well, probably not quite, if she's considerably younger than him)

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