Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Retribution 88
[Image: 2258.png]
Loving that calm look on his face in the second panel. Like this is all perfectly normal for him.
Hmm, is the whole place shaking/collapsing now that Uru is sealed or is that Uru's crystal-coated self vibrating with rage?
Ha, such a casual dismissal! Yet no thanks for being freed?
From what I've heard of this guy, he's not nearly as nice as he's trying to appear. Best course of action right now? RUN while the runnin's good!
A matter when power is concerned is what amounts to sanity and what considerations are given. Discrepencies tend to end badly for the one without.
"The exit is open"....
Whats the catch?
I think that's the cave, shuddering as an exit is being created.
I don't think the cave shuddered like that when that wall was made...
Love the look of him in the top panel. Keep waiting for a, “meow.”

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