Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Retribution 91
[Image: 2261.png]
Apex' further thoughts: "Ah, crap. I can't... carry everyone..."
And a nice touch for bane to carry the injured flier.
Oh no, now Bane has a Bee! She's UNSTOPPABLE now!
You mean unstop-bee-ble, Salen.
I love Freya's look of determination as she scoops up Rain on the run.
Huh. Rain has the same expression of surprise that her father has on the prior page.

Like father, like daughter.
Run! Runrunrun!!!
Salen: Apex' thoughts for today explain his actions yesterday.

He doesn't want to leave anybody behind... But there's only so much weight he can carry and not enough time to pick people up while still being reasonably sure of escaping.

Apex would also beep the nose of anybody who ripped him about rescuing the general to get a good performance review, which means the nose would get beeped with the tip of a hoof that's about the size of a dinner plate.

A rather large dinner plate.

Apex would also be rather cross with anyone who tried to push the joke further than commenting once or twice, because he doesn't like having to leave people behind.
Let the sleeping ram lie and charge to the exit! Nobody gets left behind!

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