Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Rebuilding 36
[Image: 2306.png]
Poor Silver. This has to be playing unmerry hell with his emotions, and that's before considering the bond that he's formed with Artemis.
Silver is on the “Rocky Road”.
Oh gods this breaks my heart.
He's not going to share the ice cream ;_;
I imagine Hector’s flask is like a bag of holding, a few kegs worth of booze in it. Also Silver took all the chocolate ice cream too! Guess I will just survive on fudge ripple. Also otter’s eye is fine if people are wondering, just sore and dry from the flame war that went on before
Wess: I think Hector's flask is just a normal flask, but I think the booze in it is so powerful that most people will get drunk just from being within smelling distance.

It's entirely possible that Hector has the only source of booze that is over 200 proof.

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