Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Luau 4
[Image: Luau04.png]
Apex' thoughts: "I win this round, Otter. There's no way you're getting my beef bacon and feesh surprise this time!"
"Whadda you want me to do? Dress in drag and do the Hula?"
The war, in all regards, won.

Little cheer remains in such a victory perhaps far too close in pyrrhic to the minds gathered.

Looks like a bit of post traumatic stress... reflecting on how fortunate they are to be breathing. Looks like Apex’s dealing with it by putting on the feed-bag... literally .
Nah, Apex is working through the aftermath on his off time with soul searching, and by going to Confession, while at the same time focusing on the work during work hours.

There's also a certain amount of distraction keeping a certain otter from stealing the food directly off his plate... which is quite easy when the food isn't on a plate. It's also convenient too, given Apex' lack of hands.

Also... had a commission made a couple months back that addressed part of the coping process for Apex:
Very hard to go back to business as usual after a battle like that. The best treatments for the possible PTSD I see in the minions is talk, let them know they aren't alone. A bit of celebration IS in order, whether it be for victory or simply that you lived to fight another day if needed.
Enjoy that food Fabio horse, you deserve it, otter will find other food to sate his grumbling belly. Otter will alsosign up for some aquatic scouting and recon missions, take some time away from land and patrol the waters perhaps, have some alone time and check on the outposts around as well.
Apex: Feed bag for the win!

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