Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Shipwreck 7
[Image: Shipwreck07.png]
Darius' expression in the last panel says so much to me.

Chagrin and frustration at having no easy way out of keeping Rubeus' Gem, as well as a certain thoughtfulness as he considers how few people could actually take him in a serious fight... and how few of that number he'd trust with a magical focus that has a person in it.

"Some of them could take me... on a good day, but can I trust them? And do I even want to risk our lives in a serious duel? No... I don't. I'll find another way, or be stuck with the waters be damned thing."
Magical.... sugar.... cubes!
Too bad there’s no way to give Rubeus a living body to occupy ..., to have been trapped in the stone all this time... poor bastard.

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