Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Shipwreck 8
[Image: Shipwreck08.png]
A metaphorical matter which bluntly is put as.

"The demon you know, or devil you don't."

And you certainly don't know this demon that well either.
#3 that a nail file he’s got? how did he get that in there?
The voices in my head are all quite fun, except for Bob, he's a jerk and no one likes him.
The Overlord in one ear, and Rubeus in the other?

Oh that’s gonna be interesting.
I love that Rubius was doing his claws. Nail file and all LOL

Also that look on Fens face. She's really enjoying Darius's predicament lol
“And also to people complimenting you on how nice it looks on you.”

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