Isla Aukate
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Gaming for Kitties 2019!
Just to post on here, Gaming for Kitties is happening in a week!

This is a marathon we have done for seven years straight and raised over $70,000 for Big Cat Rescue in Tampa.

We have tons of prizes and will be giving them away hourly! Game codes, 3D printed sirenidae, limited edition Disney prints, kindles, plush toys, original art, and even a cameo in the next animatic!

The fun starts at the stroke of Saturday (Eastern) October 26th! Fox will be doing court reporter pictures, Vex will be on hand for pit crew, and we have a ton of special guests coming including Allon the Cookie dragon (who has donated two pounds of homemade Fudge for the raffle!) and our very own Archaeus Ledoux! There are many fun surprises in store, and you don't have to donate to win any of the prizes!

Hope to see you there!

All the details can be seen here:

Or just come and pay us a visit in a week at

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