Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate Color Comic - Defector's Refuge 43
[Image: Aukate083.png]
Me thinks Apex knows…
I'd say Apex is wishing the ceiling was higher! XD
That too. lol
EDIT: Also... out sneaky little enemy agent is given pause by needing to know the situation, and it seems like he's not as stealthy as he might think. I'm not sure if he's making noise, or if its his smell that is giving him away...

Edit2: Apex also knows stealth, as he's a horse, and horses can be more stealthy than most people know.

Apex has also trained in stealth tactics and for guard duty too. (But a lot of minions likely have similar training too.) And something probably smells suspicious.
Had a pregnant mare sneak up on me yesterday scared the heck out of me! lol
Apex is not detecting the snake rat, I was trying to note that the ceiling is very low for him in this particular area of the lair.
Apex' thoughts: "Note to self. Shower in my quarters or the "large scale minion quarters" more often."

I now suspect that the low ceiling of certain areas of The Lair have resulted in a running gag of "Watch your head!" directed at Apex.
He could always crawl, too! lol (jk. I don’t think horses can actually crawl…)
Ouch! Poor Apex.

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