Isla Aukate
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Isla Aukate - Doctor 6
[Image: 2476.png]
Fair point Fangite.

Also love that look on Silver's face LOL
Oh dear, was a satisfactory explanation of that incident not given to the darnathi after things were resolved? I suppose that's not a surprise, as that would expose how badly affairs were screwed up by Uru and his pawns. I don't expect Darius would be willing to admit to such weakness when trust between the two groups is far from complete just yet.
And yes, excellent horrified/shocked/guilty look on Silver! XD Artemis should help him with his poker-face at some point, eh? (though I do rather enjoy his expressive nature as-is)
A full explanation, files of the results of Chiria's tests, and any other proof can still be ignored.
Very true, Hariman. Good point!

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