Isla Aukate
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Mahina Kalani
Name:Mahina Kalani
Island of birth: Peeperuare
Age: 26
Preferred occupation: Military
Species: Raccoon (Leucistic)
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Auburn
Height: 5'
Brief character description: (physical) She's a bit stocky, and has a big bust. She stands digitigrade at 5' tall. Her fur is white except for a few cinnamon colored markings which include her "mask", tail stripes and tip, ear tips, and a "saddle" that starts between her shoulder blades and goes down just past the middle of her back. She's got a caramel colored nose, blue eyes, and auburn hair that she keeps cut at about shoulder length.
(Personality) She can be a bit loud and confrontational. She's not afraid to voice her feelings, and can be a bit prickly at times. She's a very loyal friend. She's can also be surprisingly sneaky.

Character background/history: Mahina was born to a ferret father, and raccoon mother with typical colorations for their species. They were surprised when they saw their daughter covered in white fur. They named her Mahina as her fur reminded her father of moonlight reflecting off the snow.  She grew up with her parents in an area populated primarily by darker furred animals. Unfortunately, she was often viewed with mild distrust by the residents with the exceptions of those that knew her parents.  This translated over to her school life as well, she only had a few friends. Having few friends taught her to cherish the friends she had though. The mild distrust she faced made her angry, and she didn't have a good outlet so she started getting into trouble, and fighting at school.  Her parents tried to help, with varying degrees of success until the time came for her to enroll in high school.  Her parents tried to send her to one of the schools for the "purer" kids with the hope that she would be able to fit in better there. It seemed to work until copies of her enrollment were "mysteriously" spread around the school, and her parentage was revealed. Now instead of mild distrust, she faced open derision, and often the circumstances of her birth were called into question.  One day she snapped, and gave another student a pretty serious beating.  She was expelled from the school, and ended up in the school in her home neighborhood.  By this point, Mahina had as much as given up.  Her attendance was terrible, and her grades were barely passing.  She did, however, manage to graduate.

When her parents realized just how depressed she was, they gave her what little savings they had in hopes that she would find something better, and happiness on a different island. She ended up on November, and did well enough for herself monetarily. Eventually a traumatic experience gave her a bit of a wake up call, and she realized she wanted to do something with her life that had a little more meaning to it. 

She decided to Join the Overlord's Service. She joined the military branch, and eventually started feeling better about herself and coming out of the depression that had dominated much of her younger life. She works hard and sends a portion of her paychecks home to her family; she hopes to eventually move her family to Aukate as well.

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