Isla Aukate
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You must create a character to start posting in Bootcamp!
To get started participating in the roleplay, please head over to the Getting Started forum and post a character. We'll look it over, and let you know if there's anything out of setting that needs to be corrected. Once your character has passed muster, head on up to your User CP, select "Manage Characters" in the left menu, and add your new character. This will let you create posts as that character.

If you haven't posted a character sheet, I won't have promoted you to "Recruit" status, and you won't be able to post in Boot Camp. Graduates of Boot Camp will further be promoted to "Minion" status which will allow posting in the Citadel.
I am an administrator from a technical viewpoint only. I just keep the forums up to date and free from spam, and have no authority regarding the roleplay universe; please contact Foxenawolf for RP issues :3
However, if you're having technical troubles, feel free to shoot me a PM!

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