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Angus O'Brown
Name: Angus O'Brown
Island of birth: Tiaanuare
Preferred occupation: flexible
Species: Brownbear
Eye color: amber
Hair color: No headhair Fur-brown
Height (in feet and inches): 5´11

Brief character description: He is covered in coarse brown fur with a slighly brighter stripe of fur that runs from the tip of his nose to his forehead
he has no headhair and is chubby built (through a lot of that chubby are muscles hidden under the fatlayers). As all bears he has a short stubby tail
In the summertime his fur is lighter and not as thick as in the wintertime.

Character background/history:
Angus comes from a poor familie of woodcutters from the Island of January. He comes across as a bit naive to others. He left his home to find a good new job to support his familie back home and make a bright future for himself. He never left his home before and is shy at first around new people and a bit clumsy around woman even if he tries to flirt with them.
Because of his upbringing he is experienced with hand to hand combat (which he learned from his father) and can hold his own in a drinking contest.
He can also with ease sort and order a lot of information in a short time
He can cook and most people see in him a nice and lovely friend
Harsh enviroment doesn´t bother him and he loves to take on new challenges.
He has a picture of his familie always in his pocket as a lucky charm.
Ohh and he loves Honey and fresh smoked fish.
Forget what I said about the caste systems in the message. After reading the bios again, it wouldn't be necessary. My apologies. Also, really exciting reads!
"You may or may not return home. If I decide to allow you to get back, it will be on my terms and the commander’s.” 
~ Keir speaking a lemur in custody during a scene from my novel.

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