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Character: Charon Bond
Name:Charon Bond
Island of birth: Me
Preferred occupation:guard/fisherfeline  
Eye color:red reddish brown
Hair color:doesn't really have hair
Height (in feet and inches):6'0"

Brief character description: A bit skinny but with a swimmer's build and lithe. He is unassuming and takes his job seriously. When he concentrates or is angry some say his eyes slightly glow. He is always willing to help others and melts back into the shadows when he is done, not wanting anything but a thank you for his work. As a loner, he watches people and picks up little nuances they might have. Part of the reason why he thinks he would become a good guard because he notices the little things. As a diver, he would just love to swim under the water and enjoy the sensations of the watery paradise. He has all the skills and abilities of a cheetah; eyesight, hearing, smell and the cheetah's famed speed.

Character background/history: Charon was born quite young. He loves the water and while he did live on Me he visited the coast weekly if not daily if nothing was going on. He would just sit and watch the waves and enjoy the smell of the ocean. He was a bit of a loner because of his love of the water from his own species and felines but he was encouraged by his parents to pursue his dreams. One day he did just what he was told to do. Strapping on his swimsuit to his waist he plunged into the water and taught himself to swim. After achieving some sort of skill, he showed his parents his new found ability. At first they were shocked but as they learned he was good at what he did, they pushed him to continue his dream. While no sort of otter or seal in his abilities, he joined a swim team and continued his love of the water. When he learned of the Overlord and her call for recruits; he was amongst the first to sign up on his island.

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