Isla Aukate
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Isla Fan Art
[Image: d7eae3938c872049f9c911b3d98b90b7d169aa67...ef8e6f.png]
If it scares me; It should scare you. But I would probably drink it anyways, just cause I trust Socks.

[Image: 24c97f0bda2479c6a64eb248c51ec6ac0dc4826b...38b4f8.png]

[Image: 263fc66ef7729ace713d18ed499c8b103e341fb1...ba3f31.png]
If you dream. Dream BIG!

[Image: 8059e105f6545f54f0458b03632d2d7126d7359e...01155d.png]

[Image: 95465acf81f78fe134f8a2553c9f314ac2bd79d3...280cf1.png]
Our group project. The Holomap.

[Image: abbe96e9fd7aeadaccb7a57e6d20af9280c88259...20828e.png]

[Image: 8071f128ce88ebb583764c70018a8674a7c3c29a...1304f9.png]
Steel & Oatmeal Cookies. And of course Kevin.
The holomap has a Timelord feel to it, I wholly approve! ^^
[Image: archeusledoux-iceed.png]
You know what frosts my tail? Kevin with an ICEE-E-Ray
"What frosts my tail" must become an official way of saying on the islands!

Ah, good memories of that project... Smile

(10-15-2015, 10:06 PM)Tamara Wrote: The holomap has a Timelord feel to it, I wholly approve! ^^

The only usefulness of a Ph.D is making dumb Doctor self-references, after all...
[Image: 669f0b8fb562d2711cba227377dd1b1f88116107...253134.png]
Ah ah ah, lovely!
I just noticed you were holding an I-cee in the tail freeze pic, perfect.
"What would you do for a better world?"
For the very first pic, I wanted to point one thing: it's green! Big Grin Big Grin

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