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Boot camp Training Day 1 Military Department.
Mark watched carefully as the dragoness assumed her combat stance, and the squirrel moved to his first attack. At least this pair wasn't hesitant. Now would be a good time to mention a certain detail he'd omitted. This was just to make certain they knew, even though the weight and structure of the training poles made it obvious.

"By the way, each end of your pole will deliver an electric shock upon any contact. That's what the silver tips are for. Continue!"

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All Hail the Overlord!
Wait, they do what now? Ketha thought as she turned to look at her new commander. She would have voiced her confusion had she suddenly not learned first hand what he was talking about as Reb's staff made contact with her hip.

"EeeeEEEEKK!" Ketha screamed and leaped back from the electric shock. Her legs became even more uncoordinated as the jolt passed through her. It took key positioning with her staff and tail to keep Ketha from sprawling out all over the sand. After her poor showing earlier today she thanked her lucky stars that she could at least get that much.

Okay Ketha, lets try to not embarass yourself anymore than you already have today, she thought as she sized up her options. She had an electric staff, but compared to her size the thing was relatively small. It was big enough for her opponent, but she was going to have to use more on her own reach and the weapons rather than just the weapon. The guy was a smaller target and thus a bit more maneuverable than she could be.

Ketha smiled a bit as she began to formulate a plan. She took just one step forward, and by grabbing near the end of her staff, she swung out and down as wide as possible. She wanted to see just how maneuverable the little guy was.
Harlan didn't intend to actually hit the dragoness, and electric shock took himself by surprise as much as it did her. He stepped back and settled into a parrying stance while Ketha gathered herself and took the initiative. He could see her counterattack coming, since the wide arc meant a slower attack. He'd already braced his legs for just such a reaction, and now the squrl sprang up and back to hopefully be out of range of her staff as it swept back the other way.
Mark made note of how each recruit was moving, and the tactics they were using. As expected, the squirrel was faster and lighter on his feet, but the dragoness was now using her considerably greater reach. It would be interesting to see how each fared by the end of the sparring session. He glanced back to see that Darius was observing from the tent, also keenly watching the pair move. As long as things were going to plan,he didn't expect to hear much from the general. At the same time, he knew Darius wouldn't hesitate to interrupt if he saw something not to his liking.

The tiger refocused on the mock combatants as the dragoness made a wide sweep towards the squirrel with her training pole.
All Hail the Overlord!
Ketha watched as the squirrel dodged away from her attack. Truth be told she hadn't really expected her first attempt at an attack would connect. She was just as much testing herself as she was her opponent. In theory she could be plenty faster than the little guy, and with her greater reach she should be able to take him down. The only problem was, her nausea combined with her unfamiliarity with combat was holding her back. Ketha needed to goad the little guy into attacking, and then she could figure out how to take him out, or slow him down. The only question was, how?
Harlan dodged the dragoness' counterstroke by several inches, and landed on his feet near the edge of the sparring circle. She had clearly recovered and was trying to press her advantage in size and reach. His only chance was to get inside her arc and hit a vulnerable spot.

So thinking, the squirrel waited for Ketha to pull her staff back and settle, then he would dash forward between her legs, aiming to strike his shock-staff at the inside of her knee. Once she was down to his level, he stood a chance of coming out on top of this match.
A ping came through Darius' tablet and he quickly grabbed it and retreated out of earshot. He returned a few moments later and moved to break up the sparring match. "Sorry to interrupt you two. " Darius said apologetically, holding out his cane between the two fighters. His stance wavered slightly as the support the cane usually offered was taken from his weaker knee. He quickly placed it's tip down on the ground once the stances of the fighters became more relaxed.

"I've received word that some re-organization is in order you'll be given your new assignments tomorrow. I do apologise for the inconvenience."

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