Isla Aukate
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Check in to boot camp
Darius smiled at Edric and bade him to sit as he pulled out his file and thumbed through it. "Another R&D hopeful. I see little amiss here sir, welcome aboard. You'll report to the R&D project tent tomorrow at nine AM." He pulled a slip of paper from the file and handed it to the snow leopard with a wider grin. "Here is your tent assignment, you'll pick up your uniform in the tent behind this one."

Cobalt had taken Ara aside and out of the tent away from the other officers under the guise of showing her where the uniform tent was. His hand touched her shoulder. "I think you’re trying too hard to make a good first impression," he said softly. "I would have thought it common sense in a military outfit that familiarity like that towards a superior officer is out of line. Doctor Silver and General Steele are officers that are to be treated with respect, not tackled like a pet. I would expect someone your age to know this." He glances towards Darius’ tent. “Hopefully from here on out you can make a better impression. But I would recommend studying up proper military protocols when you get a chance.”
Taking the paper from Darius as if it were made of gold, Edric replied with a quick "Thank you sir!" and ducked out of the tent so quickly that he found himself stumbling to avoid running into the people in the line waiting outside.

A few minutes later with uniform in hand, he rolled the fabric over in his hands wondering how it would feel to wear it daily, and wandered off to find a place to change into it. Today was proving to be a very exciting and interesting day.
The vixen blinked quietly up at Cobalt and chewed her lip, her hands twisting her bag's strap. "Um, military protocols? Officers?, hadn't thought of that. I mean, I, um, Jade..she told me about all the fascinating technology the Overlord had to work with and I was so excited about joining the program, at the prospect of making really important discoveries, of how my Da always told me the sky's not a limit, it's just another boundary and I, um..." She swallowed and looked at her feet and nodded slowly. "Um, you sir. I'll r-read up on those first thing...but..." She looked closely at him. "You don't seem like an officer, but you're wearing Minion I incorrect to be confused, sir? I hugged my professors a lot..and I h-have always been rather excitable, you see, and it's why I don't have a lot of friends, I guess, though I could never really understand why, my elder sister told me I was pathetically cheerful and eager to please...I'm sorry sir, I'm babbling again, I can tell. I can follow instructions, honest I can!"
Cobalt’s brow tightens for a moment. “So you joined a military organization and did not look into protocols and behavior guidelines at all, yet you make a claim against my rank? You’re lucky General Steele assigned me to you. Anyone else and you might be scrubbing latrines with a toothbrush for insubordination.” He smooths his hands down his uniform. “I outrank you, and I can have you removed, promoted, or disciplined with a single word. So as far as things are concerned with you, I am an officer.” During this exchange he was still very mindful of showing his teeth.

His poise softens a little and he took a breath before continuing. “Now then, let’s get your uniform and get you settled with the other recruits. Drills will start sooner than you think, and M’rega is one of the best we have.”

Back in the Tent Darius was preparing himself for the next in line. He bade Silver to let the Tigress in and pointed to the seat in front of his desk.
The vixen's ears wilt and she looks at her feet. "Yes, sir. I'm very sorry sir, I didn't mean any insult, to you, or to Doctor Silver ot the General or anyone. I'm t-terribly sorry, sir. It won't happen again. I'll read up on the protocols right away." She meekly nods, following Cobalt into the uniform tent to get sized, definitely a chastened looking fox.
"Well that is certainly one way to make a first impression," Charon said to Cobalt on the vixen's forwardness. "Thank you for showing me to the uniform tent and I'm looking forward in seeing you at Base Ops training grounds."

With a slight bow to those in the uniforms, the cheetah walked towards the tent and found the over exuberant vixen had made it made it there before he did. He smiled to himself knowing it would be the best course of action to let her go first lest he be hugged as well; not as it was a bad thing to be hugged.

He peered around the vixen's shoulder and saw a slim gecko fitting the new recruits. He sure hoped his skinniness didn't betray him. A slight rumble issued forth from his belly which was slightly audible to those around. The cheetah silently cursed under his breathe. "I just ate an hour ago," he said a bit more loudly. "My apologizes, seems as though my life is nothing but eating and sleeping with the occasional bout of action."
Tamara walked into the tent when she was invited to and sat down on the designated chair in front of Darius' desk. "General, Sirs," she said to them with a respectful nod of her head.

Her whiskers twitched a little and she couldn't help but let her emerald eyes wander between the three of them. She had seldom seen Humans before, none that up close, and was even more curious since Darius was the second-in-command of the Overlord forces, and her close adviser, if the informations she gathered on the way to the island were right. Tamara had no diea who the other two Humans were, but she guessed they were probably some sort of aides to the General, to handle the new recruit or paperwork or something like that.
Darius pulled out her file and skimmed over it before handing it Dexter when he returned from aiding the other recruits. The heavier officer took it and browsed through it as he sat back down.

"Seeing as we're currently in peace time, miss." Darius began, his fingers tapping against the rim of his teacup. "There's less need for scouts and military types except as posted guards which everyone has to do a shift of guard duty anyway. We're not exactly in the market for stealth and espionage." He nodded to Dexter Cobalt. "We are however in the market for people who, like yourself, seem to enjoy the out doors and can help gather various sundries to present to our newest allies on Aukate. Would this interest you?"
Ara humbly waited for the nice gecko person to size her up and hand her two uniforms and pairs of boots. Thanking her quietly, she exited the tent, and looked at her slip of paper. She hunted out the Ops tent and peeked inside, then slipped in and sighed. She had made a mess of things, as usual. Particles and stars, galaxies and microcosms - THOSE she understood. People, not so much.

She chose a back corner cot and claimed it as hers, setting down her uniforms and bag. Opening her bag, she slipped out her tablet and a photo of her family, all of them together and smiling: that had been a good day, everyone had actually gotten along and had fun! Closing her bag, she slid it up to the head of the cot and propped her tablet on it. Rubbing the reusable self-adhesive 'gum' at the corners on the back of her picture, she stuck it on the tent over the head of her cot. Turning on her tablet, she had it search for military doctrines and protocols, then inspected her new uniforms. The boots looked comfortable enough, with decent insoles for movement - which made sense, once she thought about it. The silken uniforms themselves felt delightful and the vixen sighed, slipping off her shoes and starting to undress. May as well get used to these clothes now while she has the chance: way she's been acting she could be on the boat home by the end of the day.
Tamara's ears perked. "It sounds interesting, what would that entails more precisely? Gathering samples from the flora and fauna of the islands?" she asked, curious. "My mother is an herborist back home, so I have some knowledge of the flora already," added the tigress.

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