Isla Aukate
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Boot camp Training Day 1 Base Ops department
The cheetah smiled at the white furred Captain.  "Yes, two coins for the boat ride to Hades, but I hope the trip over to Aukate is more pleasant than a trip to the Greek version of Hell," he replied, looking over the shoulder of Captain Artemis.  "Thank you for setting up the table."

Charon was more than worried about Ara as she was taking something said or did to her hard; harder than what a person should.  He always felt uneasy dealing with others and their emotions.  The only thing he could do was offer the only attribute he had which was something he put to good use.  He stood up from his cot and walked over to where Ara and Tamara were sitting.  "Ara, we are all here for each other and it's quite obvious you are in some sort of...well, we are here for you, no matter what it is, we are here to hear you out.  To work as a team, we need to at least share what is troubling us.  Tamara is right, we all need to eat, including myself and my empty tummy."

Again he heard and felt his rumbling stomach protest its emptiness which brought a half-grin half, embarrassing smile to the feline's features.  Even though he felt a twinge of wanting to be the group's first leader; he was probably more willing to allow someone else to show what they had to lead the group.  "I support Freya's enthusiasm to be the group's leader tomorrow.  I think we will all share in the responsibility sooner than later; if it's not here but most undoubtedly on Aukate."

The feline looked down at the coin and flipped it over to see the back of the coin attempted to discern any markings which may give the group a clue on what to expect tomorrow.
Ara listened, her lowered ears twitching, earrings tinkling slightly. She twitched as the greater weight of both dragoness and tigress made her cot creak ominously, but she was pretty sure these things were made for all matter of Minion recruits and would hold. More, she felt slightly better with the closeness of her teammates, and her ebony-dipped snowy white fluffy brush's tip swished a little. First Freya, then Tamara...then she winced quietly as she listened to why the cheetah got a token and thought to herself that obviously she was NOT taking her failures well. She listened to Charon after the Captain had left and turned her head on its side on her arm and pillow and sighed softly before launching into what she thought might be an explanation of why she felt what she did, her accent stronger than before, her voice holding together in a filigree web of false calm.

"Thank you all for your comments, and for your good graces under pressure, for your reassurances and confidence in yourselves and me. Thank you for letting me be a part of your team, and trying to make me feel, well, um, at home? I have made one blunder after another, starting with how I expressed my joy in being here and how I hugged Doctor Silver, who is an empathetic something. Do any of you know what an empathetic person is? And who doesn't like hugs? I haven't ever understood why giving someone a hug is a bad thing - my professors seemed somewhat taken aback, but they didn't react like the doctor or like General Steele did, and the General obviously saw something he didn't like in my file and said I needed tempering - which is a process of hardening metal, but I'm not metal, though it seems like he meant mettle instead, but that's confusing. Then Captain Cobalt took me aside and told me that what I'd done was inappropriate, and I thought he was being somewhat kind and gentle, and that didn't seem very military, so I asked him if he was an officer, because he didn't seem like the others and he got upset and insulted! Why? I didn't mean anything other than to ask why he seemed different than the others? But it was really bothersome because now I'd been assigned to this department instead of Doctor Silver who was representing R&D, and Jade had said I would find some good opportunities there to pursue my studies and my doctorate. I'm a physicist! A mathematician! I deal wth the tiniest of things in here and the biggest of mysteries out there!" To emphasize her points she touched herself and then pointed towards the sky, hidden by the tent.

"But because of a first impression gone wrong, instead I am here with you all...and I don't mean any insults by that, because you seem like very nice and helpful people. But I haven't any experience in going out looking for anything to eat other than to the market or using my meal tickets! So, I try and go out to find things, and well, honestly, I haven't the first idea how to identify or explain what I have other than I thought the materials provided said they should be okay and I tried a berry because it smelled good and looked good and tasted good too. Obviously, that was the wrong way to do things, because all my stuff was put in the bin and may as well have been flushed down the loo. Then I go to the medical tent and who should be there but Doctor Silver, who looked like he was very busy with nothing at all until I arrived and then he gave me what he called activated charcoal and water to drink. It tasted awful, makes my tum feel worse and then there's this!" She stuck out her tongue, which of course, was black. "It'th taththinng laak thanpaypeww an' maakinng me wannahh thow up!", she said around her stuck out tongue, then pulled it back in and gulped. "But I told him that I apologized for hugging and touching him and he accepted that, but he didn't think he was the type of doctor I needed to talk to about my questions of what I was doing wrong, because I'm not good with people, see, and then he shooed me out telling me I should address my questions to my own commander and that he had to get back to analyzing things from his own recruits!" Tears started to well up as she whimpered. "He thinks I'm not good enough to be one of his recruits! They all have misunderstood everything I have done since I have set foot here, or I have misunderstood, or there's a lot of misunderstanding going on, and I don't know how I can prove myself worthy to be in Her Majesty's service trying to do things that I'm not familiar with and trying to act like someone I'm not! I don't understand anything at all!" Her breathless rambling finished, her chin plopped back down on her arm and she tried to swallow again. Ugh..taste and olfactory senses were strongly linked, and the vixen's sense of smell and hearing were amongst the sharpest of the species represented on the Calendar Isles; and so, that charcoal was really, really loathsome in her upset little tummy!

"And while we're on the subject of leading, I think I am the least qualified here to be leading anything, especially in light of my ignorances in how to manage and deal with people and in the knowledges of gathering and foraging. I think Freya should be leading, because she has some sense of what the commanders like and is nice. And she's the biggest."
Freya smiled, and nodded when Tamara thanked her for sharing what she had brought back from the jungle.  "We gotta look out for each other"  She replied.  "Oh, and we need to cook the bread fruit before we eat it...not sure if we're allowed a fire or not."  She mused for a moment as Tamara joined her on Ara's cot.

She started, and looked up when Artemis spoke.  She was surprised to see the bowls, cups and utensils, especially at the fact that it seemed Artemis had been the one to bring it all in and set it up.  She nodded as they were reminded that they had to pick someone to lead the group for the next day's exercise, and were assured that if the leader they chose didn't work out, it wasn't a permanent situation.  She smiled as Artemis approached and handed her one of the coins.  "Thank you Ma'am."  She replied.  As it was explained that the coin was half of her passage to Akuate, she took a quick look at the coin before putting it in a pocket.  "Yes Ma'am.  I will be there, ready to go."  She replied as she was instructed to meet with Artemis at the officer's tent at sundown.  She would need to get ready for that dinner soon, but for now, she was more concerned with Ara.  

She listened as Ara ran down the list of compounding situations that put her into her current state, and thought about it all.  "Um well, on the subject of hugs, there are a lot of people out there that are uncomfortable with physical contact with someone they've never met before.  In such situations, it's generally considered polite to ask a person if they are comfortable with it before you hug them."  She smiled, before she spoke again.  "Though I'll welcome a hug from you anytime you feel  the need."  

"unfortunately I can't speak for Captain Cobalt as to why he got upset, could be he thought you were presumptuous."  She shrugged.  "I can't really tell you why you were sent with us instead of R&D, I can guess though.  From what you've said, and what I've seen; you are quick to act on impulse.  I think they're wanting to instil in you some mindfulness before they turn you loose with expensive, and time consuming prototype projects."  She offered her thoughts without judgement of the vixen.  Freya honestly liked Ara, and wanted to help her.  "I know one thing for sure though."  She continued.  "You haven't been kicked out, and the only surefire way I know of to get kicked out is to give up.  Keep trying, and I'm sure you'll make it."  She paused and smiled again  "want a hug?"  She asked as she spread her arms in invitation.

"Thank you both for the vote of confidence."  She said in reply to Charon, and Ara's comments on her taking the leadership role.
Tamara looked up when Artemis walked into the tent, and watched her set up the table, a bit surprised. The tigress bows her head back to the white feline in thanks for the setting up the table, and listens intently as she gives some details about the whole 'choose a leader thing', and give a coin to both Charon and Freya before leaving the tent.

"Congratulations to the both of you," she says sincerely. "Looks like you might board that boat as early as tomorrow if we do well in whatever event they have planned for us."

"I think Freya summed it up pretty well," she said as she turned back to the vixen. "While it is strange that you're here and not in R&D, given your background, the fact that you are still here, and not on the boat back to your home means that they still think you can be a recruit of use. If, after less than a day, they're willing to give you a chance, despite your breaches of protocols, then you should give yourself a chance too, and believe in yourself."

"I'm sure it will be hard to fight your natural impulses, like the hug and such. But, perhaps you should take that as some sort of scientific project, since that seems to be your forte. I'm not much of a scientist myself, but, perhaps something like 'identify and counteract a force' or something like that? It might help you."

Then she looked at Freya. "I do agree with them: I believe you could make a fine leader for our team. And not only because you're the biggest," she added with an amused chuckle.
There’s a rustling at the mouth of the tent from the white cat who has lingered as she overhears Ara’s speech. She frowns to herself, glances at a bracelet on her wrist and walks back in, moving to face the four recruits.

“I don’t believe I ever properly introduced myself. People call me Artemis… Artemis /Silver/. I’m the wife of Doctor Garret Silver.” Her tail flicks a little but those deep green eyes of hers don't give much of a hint of her emotion despite hearing what sounds to her like several unfair judgements towards her spouse. “And I might end up catching hell from Steele for speaking about things you need to figure out on your own, but this needs to stop.”

She folds her arms and shrugs. “Recruit Ara, this is military. It’s a professional organization with different behavior protocols than family or school. It’s expected that one comes into it knowing how to show respect to a superior officer. I don’t even hug Silver in front of anybody here at the camp because it’s unprofessional, despite being married to him.”

“And I can explain why Silver dismissed you when you went to him for treatment. It’s because he could get into serious trouble for handling you and he could be accused of going over Captain Cobalt’s head and disrespecting his authority. So you need to stop taking rejection personally.” Artemis flicks one of the long plumes of bangs out of her face with a gentle motion. “In boot camp and the Lair you’re expected to be capable of standing on your own. That means we can’t stop and answer every little question. We can't stop to explain every little mistake. We can't stop and hold you up during every little failure. There are things to learn here but that isn’t the point. The point is that this is the place where you start to do things with what you’ve learned.”

Artemis shakes her head. “As of right now I see someone who is a nervous wreck after being asked to step outside their comfort zone. But the Lair is very uncomfortable and is a lot more harsh compared to Boot camp. If this is how you are after one day then I doubt being in R&D would have changed your outlook.”

She nudges one of the beds with her digitigrade foot. “My advice is to consider if this is what you really want and if you’re capable of functioning in a situation like this professionally. Come morning I will return with the new assignment. If you still feel the way you do now then I suggest you go to the ferry and head back to your professors and your family and spare yourself the anguish that boot camp seems to be putting you through. Because this is actually the easy part.”

The cat meets the eyes of the three other recruits in turn. “This goes for all of you. Just because the fighting that was occurring on Aukate has quieted down does not mean that it is safe and calm. You will be required to think independently and sometimes autonomously. You will be given harsh deadlines that could cost lives if you fail them. This is work, hard work. That’s why you are tested here. Boot camp isn’t meant to be a punishment or a trap or someone’s game. It’s a test, and you either pass or fail. And when we pass someone who makes a mistake or failure that costs lives, then the burden falls on the people who passed them and they will have to answer for it. Fox will have to answer for it.”

Artemis finally smiles a little. “But we’ll try to be fair. The downside to that is that we will also try to be fair. That means that none of this is personal even if some might be convinced it is. In the end all of this is to see if you can do what you are brought in to do, if you will be more asset than burden, and if you are someone we can trust to put our lives in your hands.”

She dips her head. “Hopefully you understand our perspective a bit better. My apologies for eavesdropping. I’ll leave you to your lunch now.”
He didn't know what it was but Charon felt smaller in the world he was living in. Either the fact which Artemis stated Aukate was under attack by an unknown force; he had only heard rumors and even they were probably embellished to the point of not actually believing half of the stuff which was said or the idea of putting himself in harm's way was making him rethink his current commitment to serve the Overlord. His ears visibly lowered a bit to flatten themselves to his skull as he thought in stoic silence. The white furred captain was right, other lives would depend upon his quick thinking and action when it came to situations as she described.

He wanted to ask so many questions and comment what Artemis had said but he decided against it as he believed they would come with more time and being accustomed to military life in the service of Aukate.

He thought of his own meager leadership skills and he knew, even the most prepared person would feel overwhelmed with a new situation; it would be up to the individual and the leaders around to help them become acclimated as quickly as possible. There was little doubt in his mind; all officers had the safety of the recruits first and foremost in front of all things but they were not going to coddle those who lagged behind. He had to redouble his efforts to make sure he wasn't one of those who did fall behind.

"I think we all need to think long and hard in the next few hours in what we really want to do at this point," he finally broke the silence. "We need the support of each other more than ever and who knows, all of us might make it to Aukate and it will only strengthen our bonds we create here with each other. We're only a small division with the others we arrived with doing their best to obtain two coins for the boat ride over to the main island. We need their support and help in as much as we must offer our own support when they need it."

He looked at Artemis and smiled. "No apologies needed ma'am," he started. "Sometimes we all need a good swift kick in the tail to push us in the right direction and to bolster our resolve to finish this to the end. It will be up to us whether we continue on in the service of the Overlord and once we make the decision, we need to be full steam ahead with no looking back."

Another grumble of his protesting stomach brought the cheetah back to the subject of food. "Well look at me being the orator," he said. "We will all be much better served with some food in our bellies to think more clearly."
The little vixen listend to her tentmates, each in turn and slowly started to twitch her tail as they offered their views and camaraderie. It started making her feel like she was really a part of something, a new sensation for her, always being alone in her own world, misunderstood and misunderstanding. She gratefully sat up and accepted Freya's hug, mrrrhing softly, then blinked, because the feline had returned and started speaking. She listened quietly, tensing a little in Freya's arms and sighed a little.

"Captain Artemis, with all due respect given to a superior officer, I was told by my commanding officer, Captain Cobalt, to read up on military protocols and enlistments, terms of service and so forth. Not to be contradictory, but from what I understand, only people who are training directly to be officers are expected to know military procedures and such beforehand. Enlisted folks - which is what we are, apparently - are rigidly taught what is right and wrong behavior and action because it is assumed, regardless of life experience, that they don't know anything about being in a military service. Like, say, me. I was offered an opportunity to come and make use of my talents and skills, which I have spent my life, short as it may be, perfecting and training in to the exclusion of other things. That is hardly a 'comfort zone', ma'am." She gently freed herself from Freya and sat on the edge of her cot.

"This said, I was beginning to understand things from the point of view of my comrades as they spoke to me. I now get that my modes of personal behavior are not the norm for a boot camp recruit and am trying to come to terms with how that may work for me. Thank you very much for remaining behind to eav...give us the benefit of your insight and your explanation of your hus...Doctor Silver's actions, and the difficulties awaiting us at the Lair if we progress beyond this point. Please have a good evening and enjoy your kill." The vixen delivered her words in a flat tone, completely devoid of any emotion at all.

The vixen stood up, all of her previous behavior wiped away like an eraser across a chalkboard. She wiped at the corner of one eye, stalking past Charon to the closest seat at the table, waiting for her teammates before seating herself.
"Thank you."  Freya replied when Tamara added her vote of confidence in Freya's leadership potential.  "I will do my best."  She wasn't sure why her sized had been a factor for Ara, but she understood Tamara's show of humor, and chuckled as well.  

She was happy to see some of Ara's energy return as she wrapped her arms around the vixen.  She smiled and rested her chin lightly on the top of Ara's head until she heard the rustling at the tent entrance and Artemis stepped back inside she lifted her head and her eyes widened a bit in surprise.  She inwardly cringed a bit as Artemis began to explain a couple of things to Ara, then launched into -well, freya thought it might have been meant to be a galvanizing speech- something that she didn't honestly think that Ara was really in the right mindset for the hard dose of reality approach at that moment, and she sighed slightly as she felt the vixen tense in her arms.  

The comments that were addressed to the group as a whole had little effect of Freya.  She hadn't been under any delusions that being a minion for the overlord would be anything but work, nor that it would be without danger.  When it was all said and done, she simply nodded.  

What she expected least, was Ara's reply.  She felt it may have been walking dangerously close to insubordination with some of what Ara said, but at the same time, was proud that she had weathered everything Artemis had said and come back with some strength. 

It was when Ara freed herself from Freya's embrace, and spoke again that Freya started to feel some concern again.  Finding strength in adversity was all well and good, but not necessarily at the cost of losing oneself.  

She got up from Ara's cot, and watched the vixen head for the table with some obvious concern.  "Charon's right about supporting each other."  She commented with a smile as she headed for the table, stopping to pick up the food from the empty cot near her own along the way.  "The officers may not be able to hold us up though our failures, but we can certainly hold each other up.  Her majesty's forces aren't just one individual, it's a large organization of people all working together to help the overlord build the future."  She finished with a slightly wistful smile as she sat down, and set the food in the center of the table.  

"I'm sure we'll all make it through this as long as we all keep trying."  She said as she sat down next to Ara, and offered a smile that couldn't hid
Tamara turned her head when Artemis stepped back in, and listened silently as the white feline spoke and explained them, and specifically Ara, some things about Bootcamp and the Lair and Aukate in general. It was all valuable information, and a reality check that maybe they all needed, at one level or another. Yet, she couldn't shake the disturbing feeling that there was something inherently wrong in the fact that Artemis stayed behind to eveasdrop on them. The tigress hoped that this wasn't a hint at how things went at the Lair. Even though she fully realized that being part of a military meant being on call 24/7, everyone needed some level of privacy. She nods as Artemis leaves, once her tentmates have said their piece, choosing not to say anything herself.

She gets up and goes to sit at the table with the others, her stomach rumbling some as well, making her chuckle.

"I'd say we did enough talking for the time being, more eating is required!" she said with a smile. "Thank you again for sharing, Freya. You should go first, since it's your haul after all. Then I guess we should all brush up our knowledge of the protocols in use among the Overlord's forces. Can't hurt. I'd be all for preparing for tomorrow's assignment, but since we haven't the foggiest idea of what it will be..." Her voice trailed there then she shrugged. "We'll know tomorrow and do our best. Together!" she added with a wide warm smile.
Darius entered the Base Ops tent, looking extremely unpleased. "You forgot to turn off your comlink, Captain Silver," he mentioned to Artemis.

"Recruit Thorn, you are correct. Bootcamp is meant to teach recruits the protocols of our military. So let me start your education here. Lesson one; do not question a superior under any circumstances, even if you do not report to them. I do not care what your reasoning is, you listen to them and you follow their orders. Lesson two; we are a professional military. We expect the utmost in professionalism from everyone in our ranks. You have already broken both of these rules. This is your final chance to prevent it from happening again. If it does, you will not have a chance to say good bye. You will be escorted to the ferry home and your bags will be delivered to you there."

General Steele pulled out a box of cotton swabs. "Your punishment for this latest transgression is to clean the entire latrine with these until you report for duty tomorrow. If you finish before then, you are to clean it again and again until it is time." He handed her the box and turned to leave, but stopped short.

"Ah, Mrs Silver. While we're here... since you seem so eager to help miss Thorn you can help teach her lesson three; we do not show favorites and we do not single anyone out. For your impromptu speech, you get to take the men’s latrine on the other side of camp," he says, handing her a second box of cotton swabs.

"I do not want to hear of any complaints. Again, this is your final chance, do not waste it," he adds, before finally exiting the tent.

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