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Another normal day (free form)
Archeus gave Garran a big grin. "How do you take your tea? And yes thank you I did have a good night." She reached out and took the Bulletin from Garran. "Hmmm this looks interesting, Oh Lady Bane; no I haven't seen her this morning, but I know she's around." Archeus continued on to the lab bench and poured herself and Garran a cup of tea. Returning to her desk, she pulled out her glasses and began reading. It was about that time Jade came in. Looking up over her readers.  "Morning  Miss Fisher." She sipped slowly from her cup and finished reading the letter . Responding to Jade. "Well I may be able to shed some light on that, Garran was given this on his way in." She handed Jade the letter and returned to her tea. She took out her notebook to scribble some thoughts and ideas that were beginning to percolate through her mind.
The tiger returned the shark's salute.

"Morning Razor, yep it is a fine day so far. Heading to breakfast? If so, have a good one. I'll probably see you later if you're on Security today. Looks like we'll have an escort mission for a foraging team."

Mark was wanting to get on with his visit to the hangar, but he didn't want the young shark minion to feel he was unimportant or being cut off short, either.
All Hail the Overlord!
Bane opened the door to her office as she herd the sounds of people getting ready in the main Lab. Her unsettling grin meeting the early risers. "Goodmorningmylittleminions. Iseveryonereadyforworktoday?" She pushed the door open the rest of the way with her forepaw and spike crawled up onto her neck to get a better vantage point as she strode through the lab tables, sniffing to make sure everything was in order. "Archyareyoumakingtea?" A pause. "You knowhowIlikemine." and that was about all the direction the blue Tiger was going to get for Bane's request.
Archeus had no sooner handed Jade the Bulletin when Bane arrived. Standing to attention, "Lady Wolfbane." Archeus bowed and gave a nod.
"Yes of course." She walked over to a small side room, reaching in her pocket she pulled out a large brass key ring and unlocked the wooden cupboard to retrieve a proper cup and saucer. Archeus then returned to the lab bench to pour the tea. She turned around to grab a set of tongs for the sugar cubes, 2-4-6-8.... The tiger grabbed a stir rod to give the tea a swirl and a quick taste test. She watched a single drop of what could be confused with as syrup landed on her tongue. Her fur stood on end as the sweetness hit her palette. She returned to the front of the room and placed the tea on the table before Lady Bane. The other members were standing at attention, Archeus gave another nod and returned to the line.
Dean continued making his rounds before ending up at R&D. After working up his nerve and getting his fluff in check Dean gently opens the door and gently enters.
"Good morning everyone. And good morning Lady Bane."
Dean quietly presents his transfer order to Lady Bane.
Jade saluted as Bane entered the room. "Good morning Lady Wolfbane," she responded after bane requested some of Archeus' tea, continuing "we have a request here, looks to be from Darius;" and handed over the reports. She returned to the lineup when the door behind her opened up, and stood aside to let Dean enter and hand over his paperwork. She commented, "Looks like you're extra popular today, Bane."
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